Our Programs make Anime Fans’s Lives that uses a Mac Easier

We develop and deliver applications that makes managing anime libraries for MyAnimeList and Kitsu a whole lot easier. You can automatically update your library based on what you are watching, manage entries in your library and discover new titles.

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MAL Updater OS X


MAL Updater OS X is a lightweight, fast and accurate open source MyAnimeList scrobbler for macOS that automatically updates a user’s list based on what he or she is watching.

Current version is 2.3.8, Released November 27, 2017. Latest beta version is 2.3.7b2.

You can also install MAL Updater OS X through Homebrew Cask: brew cask install mal-updater

MAL Updater OS X requires macOS Mavericks or later and a MyAnimeList account. Compatable with macOS Sierra and High Sierra.

Download   Download Beta (Registered users only)   View Changelog   Purchase a Donation License   Download Textual Plugin (Textual version 6,0 or later)

MAL Library


MAL Library is a native MyAnimeList library tracker that allows you to manage your MyAnimeList libraries, discover titles and much more.

Manga and additional features can be unlocked with a donation key.

Current version is 2.4. MAL Library requires a 64-bit Intel Processor (Core 2 Duo or better) running macOS 10.10 or higher and a MyAnimeList account. MAL Library is compatible with Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra and High Sierra.

Download from Mac App Store

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Hachidori for Kitsu


Hachidori (はちどり) is a lightweight, fast and accurate open source Kitsu scrobbler for macOS that allows users to automatically update the user’s library based on what they are watching.

Note: License is only needed to unlock Bittorrent Browser and Video File tracking. A license also removes reminder for MAL Sync.

Current version is 2.1.1, Released November 28, 2017

Hachidori requires macOS Mavericks or later and a Kitsu account. Hachidori is compatable with macOS Sierra and is Developer ID Signed.

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Open Source

MAL Updater OS X, MAL Library and Hachidori is open sourced licensed under the Modified BSD License.

Source code can be seen at Github: MAL Updater OS X, MAL Library, Hachidori..

Note that certain classes may have different OSS licenses.


Have any problems or any feature suggestions? Share them at the official MAL Updater OS X Club or file an issue on here for MAL Updater OS X and for MAL Library, here.

For Hachidori, Share them at the official Kitsu Group or file an issue at Github.